2020 Group Costume Requirements
The design for the groups will be

This information will assist us in scheduling and planning for a bigger and more sparkly 2020.

Whilst we will do our best to cater to all needs, unfortunately we cannot take on every studios requirements. Over the coming months we will asses these applications and confirm with you if we are able or unable to provide allocations for 2020.

Applications for 2020 group allocations will be assessed on a number of factors including, quantity and timing.

The bulk of our clients groups are usually required within a few week window of time and hence we need to space out their production as we cannot physically make all at the same time. Given this, the date you are able to confirm designs, and provide measurements so that we can commence production will have a large weighting in wether or not we can accept your group bookings for 2020. Studios that are able to provide these details earlier have a higher likelihood of being confirmed, and those unable to confirm until later may be allocated a reduced quantity or be unable to commit to your requirements.

Thankyou for your understanding 

SRDC xxx

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